Sunday, February 5, 2017

Nuby Super Spout Replacements - New Packaging Changes

Nuby super spout replacements have another new look.  Since we have been selling these spouts online, the company has changed their packaging three different times over 7 years.  The spouts are the same great spouts that they have always been, but we wanted you to be aware that there is a new look to the outer packaging so you don't get confused.

Old Nuby Super Spout Packaging

New Nuby super spout packaging as of January 2017 Front of Package

New Nuby Super Spout packaging back of package

As always, it's very important that you know the description of each spout you want to purchase.  Our new website goes into detail on every spout and offers you a discount coupon code for your first purchase.  You can see our new site at:    We would appreciate if you would share the site with your friends.  Thank you.

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